Bathroom Luxury Trends

Over time, the bathroom has changed from a functional room into a home heaven room, a place where you can relax as well refresh and renew with water experiences that excite and soothe your senses.

Therefore, it is understandable that any homeowner with remodel and renovate plans is searching to mix spa-like features with his distinctive ideas of style and comfort for a dream bathroom.

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Everyone wants to enjoy his home and this trend is more visible today than it once was. Even if you spend many hours at work, when you are at home, you want to feel good to walk into something you really like. Luxury means two things: style and value. In fact, most of the planet luxurious materials such as marble, gold or diamonds are timeless and extremely durable. Today, you are looking at your home in a new way. Your remodeling plans are made to last in time.  Your home renovations, including bathroom remodeling should deliver style and luxury many years to come.

Your Bathroom as a Spa

In Europe spa is a part of the citizens’ life. In fact, spa visits is considered very important to the citizens’ health and therefore, the cost of these visits is paid for by the governments or by employers.

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In the U.S. and Canada, spa visits is gaining in popularity because of their health-boosting and stress-reducing benefits. It is therefore natural that homeowners seek for ways to reproduce this experience in their own homes.

Today, most of the ensuite master bedrooms are equipped with radiant heated floors, which ensure exquisite comfort. However, all designers and interior decorators are looking for more other ways to add value and comfort to the bathroom.

Air baths that create softly and delicately massaging air bubbles, extra-deep soaking bathtubs, whirlpool jets, chromatherapy tubs, are just some of the new technologies that transform your bathroom into a spa. You can try a really unique experience with “VibraAcoustic” bath enhanced technology that can release your stress by bombarding your senses with sound and light.
However, if you prefer taking a shower instead a bath you can opt for special shower types that combine a regular showerhead with body-sprays mounted on the ceiling and walls. It is a sophisticated technology that allows you to preset the temperature, the amount of water, steam, sprays and music. The result is an incredible therapeutic experience that will relax you mental and physical.

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The Luxury Look

Upholstered chaise lounges and elegant vessels bathroom sinks are becoming increasingly popular for our homes. Elegant light fixtures are replacing the old light installations. Stylish and contemporary wood vanities make their way in our bathrooms, replacing the old medicine cabinets, not to mention the new materials and finishes that enhance the look of a modern bathroom.

Golden finishes, natural stones, handcrafted tiles, marble, granite, quartz are divine combined creating an incredible and stunning luxury look.
Glass is the new luxury trend. It is increasingly, used for floors, countertops, sinks and even for toilet enclosures. Another bathroom luxury trend is the using of different texture material combinations such as tile and stone combinations.

Today, the bathroom is redefined. Homeowners tend to make their bathrooms as beautiful as the rest of their living space, sometimes even most sumptuous and luxurious.

Sound & Light

The days of listening to radio in the bathroom have long gone. Now you have speakers that bring your preferred tunes directly into your shower. Not to mention complete and professional home theaters with sophisticated sound systems and flat-panel screens, which tend to be common accessories for any modern bathroom.

The height of luxury can be a flat-screen TV installed in a mirror above your vanity. When the flat-screen is off, it looks like any other ordinary mirror. When it is turn on you can watch your favorite programs. Wireless connectivity offers endless possibilities. You have now the possibility to enjoy surfing the internet, listen music or watching movies in the peace and serenity of your own bathroom.


Adding luxuries to your bathroom whatever way it is, aesthetic or high-tech can make a big difference both in the look of your bathroom and in terms of your personal experience.

Achieving your personal visions and needs for a luxurious bathroom can be incredible rewarding.