Acrylic Bathtub Repair and Cleaning Tips

A bathtub is an item that you do not replace it too often. Even if you remodel and improve your bathroom, you will hesitate to replace your old bathtub. The reason is that the tub removal requires the removal of all the surrounding walls, faucet and copper plumbing.

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However, an old and scratched acrylic bathtub is one of the most demoralizing things especially if it is seen as part of a new, modern and updated bathroom.

Nevertheless, you should do something and therefore you wonder that are the most appropriate alternatives.

The main advantage of your acrylic bathtub is its solid surface. In other words, its surface color goes all the way inside of acrylic material. An acrylic bathtub has a solid basic color; it has not been sprayed or painted on.

Therefore, minor repairs to your acrylic bathtub are relatively simple. Even minor damages such as scratches on its acrylic surface are easy remediable. However, other kind of damages such as chips and cracks need more attention from you.

Cleaning your acrylic bathtub

Cleaning your acrylic bathtub of stains, filth and accumulated deposits is quite easy.

Acrylic bathtub has a non-porous surface. Therefore, you can easily clean the normal dirt using only, clean water. However, for old stubborn stains, you can use liquid dish detergent or different kinds of ammonia based cleaners.

NOTE: Do not use in any way paint thinners, paint removers or acetone. You will damage the acrylic surface of your bathtub.

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How to repair your acrylic bathtub scratches

a)     For dulling or superficial scratches, you can use a metal polish or other liquid polisher. They are quite gently, compared with other chemicals but anyway they are slightly abrasive.  Pour a little polish on a soft cloth and rub the affected area in a circular motion until the scratch will disappear.

b) For a deeper scratch or for a burnt spot you can use a piece of sandpaper (1,500 grit).

-Wet the spot;
-Apply a liquid polisher;
-Rub the area with a clean soft cloth;
– Repeat the procedure until the scratch is gone.

How to repair an old or badly damaged bathtub

Materials & Tools:

-Bucket of a solution from mild soap in water;
-Putty Knife; Razor Blade:
-Bathtub liner – quality bathtub liners are made from a strong acrylic and look great.

How to proceed:

1)    Clean thoroughly the affected area. Use a razor blade or your putty knife to smooth the rough edges of the scratch and to scrape away any debris or loose paint.

2)    Use a solution of mild soap and clean the affected area. Use a sponge and rub thoroughly the damaged area.

3)    Rinse with a lot of clean water and allow time to dry.

4)    Now it is the right time for the bathtub liner. Read carefully the manufacturer’s specifications. Mix your acrylic product and add the tinting for your tub. If your repair kit requires paint, instead tinting then you will paint your job later.

5)    Using your putty knife fill the scratch. Push the product inside and smooth the surface. Allow time to harden

6)    Apply your kit in successive layers until your patch is level with the bathtub surface.

7)    Using a piece of sandpaper recommended by liner manufacturer sand your patch.

8)    Use a soft clean damp cloth and wipe your patch.

9)    If it is necessary, paint your patch.