Break up a neutral living space decor

What color should you have in your living space

Tired of walls in a neutral color palette?

Maybe it is the right time to add color to your living space.

There are many ways to bring color to an outdated home interior in a neutral color palette, from painting to furnishing and decorating accessories in bright color accents.

Beautiful Interior in Neutral Color Palette

After all, our homes have become our safe places, our sanctuaries, and our personal design projects in these uncertain times. Why not to bring some happiness and color in our living spaces.

Our home interiors are crying for a stylish refresh, and I have already told you there are many easy ways to freshen up the aesthetic.

The new and trendy interior design is focused on our mental health, well-being, and it also is focused on remembering what is important in our lives.

So, the new design concepts must address to the individual and influence how he feels and thinks.

No more impersonal just grey and white home interiors.

Of course, you can keep the neutral color palette as a background for your creative ideas, but if you want your home to be an expression of happiness you need to break up the neutral dominance of your home interior.

We have collected for you creative and inspiring ideas that surely will help you.

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Break up a neutral living space décor – tips and ideas

One of the easiest and simplest ways to improve the mood of the living space and break up a neutral color palette is to add art.

Especially wall art, which is an important part of any home interior décor.

More than that wall art and not only, adds depth and offers so much versatility in feel and look.

Another smart idea is to add some shapes to the overall décor such as rounded, smooth, spherical, or angular, sharp, and linear. Shapes will improve our mood as much as colors.

You can add these shapes with the help of decorative objects.

Invest in many houseplants. They will make you happy and also, they are another affordable way to break up a boring neutral color palette.

And do not forget that our homes are increasingly becoming multifunctional, thanks to the telecommuting. In other words, a large percentage of the global workforce set up their offices at home. Being able to update our simple residential units in an affordable and time-efficient way will therefore be on everyone’s priority list.

So, if you want a cheap, quick, and customizable way to freshen up your home-tired walls, furniture, and other surfaces peel and stick wallpaper could be the right answer you’ve been looking for.

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