Beautiful Living Rooms with a Cheerful Interior Decor

A living room should be a comfortable and relaxing space.

Before designing and decorating a living room, it is advisable and useful to have a source of inspiration and of course to know several decorating tips and tricks.

Therefore, we have uploaded for you a new selection of almost fifty design ideas for small apartments.

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Beautiful Living Rooms, #17: 50 Ideas for a Cheerful Interior (video)

You will discover here more than fifty amazing decorating ideas for living rooms.

Add color to your living room.

Although a charming living room can be designed, furnished, and decorated without bright, vivid colors, it is still essential to add a spot of color to the decor. It makes the space bright and cozy. A more cheerful yellow nuance, blue shade, or delicate pink is a good choice. Not to mention that all color accents create a nice contrast with wood and neutral background.

Use beautiful, patterned fabrics.

When it comes to furniture covers, in addition to comfort and softness, durability is also an important factor to be taken into consideration. Since stains and wear are clearly visible on any fabric, no matter if it is in a light or dark color, it is better to use intermediate nuances and patterned fabrics on the furniture.

Play with different textures.

With the aim of making your living room cozier, it is worthy to add texture, which is not only noticeable, but felt. Printed soft furniture pieces with unusual patterns and tough surfaces give your living room a nice contrast. Use cotton, leather, metal, wool, glass, stone, plants, and many other different textures.

Play with dark and light tones.

A living room that is too bright can look like a hospital waiting room. In contrast a dark room can look like a dark cave. Nevertheless, the combination of light and dark colors and hues gives a balanced and deep impression. Anyway, it’s a smart idea to use a bit of black and white in your living room decor.

Play with different neutral shades.

The use of soft contrasting and neutral colors and hues gives your living room décor an inviting and rich effect. Neutral colors are not strong colors that can disturb the eye. On the contrary, in the right combinations they can create an eye-catching decor. So, it is a good idea to combine various earthy tones in the form of decorative pillows, cushions, area rugs, curtains, and other accessories.

Use a lot of wood.

Wood is the most important natural material for adding warmth and texture to any room, not only the living room. There are so many ingenious ways to include wood: tables, wall panels, picture frames, chairs, artworks, sofa legs, and more. Decorated interior accessories and furniture pieces give an amazing effect.

Use your imagination and creativity.

Do not forget that any living room is a perfect place for clutter, due to many factors such decorated walls and many decorative pillows and cushions, interesting furniture pieces and tons of decorative accessories. But a little “supervised” chaos reduces the negative overall look and makes the space as homey as possible.

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