Beautiful Living Rooms in Mid-Century Design Style

Mid-century design style revival

The mid-century style design is becoming once again fashionable, because it brings a lot of retro charm. It is also elegant, stylish, and unique. Discover here in our article and in our new uploaded video many furnishing and decoration ideas for living room in mid-century design style. Beautiful high-quality wooden furniture and well-chosen decorative accessories.

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Beautiful Living Rooms, #9: Mid-Century Modern Design (video)

You will see here, almost fifty creative and inspiring living room design ideas.

Mid-century style a design to create a different atmosphere.

This design style is ideal for creating a different look in the home dรฉcor. Mid-century is indeed new design trend. We can presently see it in many living rooms. More than that, this design style can be mixed with vintage, old, and retro furniture and decorative elements and also other modern elements to create a fabulous eclectic living space.

Mid-century design style an eclectic home interior.

Indeed, mid-century style is an eclectic style. Why? Because this design style mixes different styles, patterns, and colors. Modern, contemporary design ideas with vintage style, contemporary furniture with retro-style furniture, and so on. And not to mention the mix of bright colors, between large paintings, furniture, and textiles.

Wooden furniture in mid-century design style.

In this design style you will find a lot of high-quality wooden furniture. Comfortable armchairs, sofas, and chairs with wooden legs and in straight lines are certainly famous in this design style. Also, textiles in different patterns and colors. Matching coffee tables and side tables with simple rounded shapes complement this design. You will also find here unique designer armchairs. And you should not forget metal lamps with a futuristic design that come in an amazing contrast with the wooden furniture.

Mid-century design style inspired by the Scandinavian-style design.

You can also enjoy a much simpler mid-century design style inspired by the Scandinavian or Nordic design style. The white and light tones are the protagonists and bring a lot of ย light to the overall decor, highlighting the dark wood furniture. In fact, this design style is perfect to mix with all kinds of design styles, not only Scandinavian style. You can see that in many different versions. So, you just need to find the one which is best for your own living room. You need a variant that fills your living room with color and charm.

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