How to Apply Peel and Stick Tiles on a Wall

Wherever is applied, bathroom, kitchen or workshop, peel & stick tile or self adhesive tiles can improve that room creating quickly a new fresh look.

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They are inexpensive and very easy to apply.

They come also, in a wide variety of colors and patterns, looking quite similar with the real tiles.

Peel & tiles are self-adhesive and you can install them on any clean surface. No more mess, no more cement or grout, no more high cost of labor.

Choosing your wall tiles can take some time, only because the possibilities are endless. You can create your own personal design, a mosaic pattern by using different colored tiles.

Change the Look of Your Bathroom or Kitchen

1. First you should measure the area of wall with a tape measure to find how many tiles you need it.  The peel-and-stick tiles are delivered in boxes. On these boxes is written the square footage that box can cover. Divide your total area by the square footage of the box and the result is the number of boxes you will need.

However, when you are purchasing these versatile tiles, always be sure to buy extra tiles, just in case you make any mistakes when you are applying or cutting them.

2. Wall preparation is extremely important. You need to wash the wall several times to remove any grease or dirt that could prevent the tiles to adhere properly. It is a good idea to use a cleaner such tribasic sodium phosphate (TSP). Allow time for walls to be completely dried.

NOTE: If the wall has been recently painted you have to wait three weeks before applying the tiles.

3. The next step – Remove all outlets or switch cover plates.

4. When you are applying tiles, which repeat is a simply process, try first to use full tiles for as much of the wall as possible. Peel the backing off of each tile and apply it into the position, but you should be careful to not touch the adhesive.

5. Use a straight edge and scissors to cut tiles.

6. Put back the outlets and switch covers and your job is done.

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