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If you wish to fully customize your bedroom design, think about to all the details and arrangements. Bedroom is an important part of your home, which should look warm and inviting. It is the place where you are resting after a working day. A modern bedroom should look simple and elegant.

Modern, Bright and Elegant Bedrooms | Interior Design Ideas #16 (video)

One of the main problem for an organized, modern look is the storage.

A cool idea is to use headboards as a storage space. The headboard looks very elegant. They also have practical features. You can deposit items inside or behind of a headboard. This saves a lot of space in the bedroom.

It is quite difficult to choose from such a wide range of headboards. They vary according to shape, size, material, decorative elements and color.

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The Bedroom – A Special Room

In any contemporary home interior, the bedroom is a special room. It must be beautiful and comfortable for the person who sleeps there, no matter what his personal style. In our days modern bedrooms are carefully decorated and designed with attention to every detail. The result is an elegant and functional room interior.

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