Beautiful Wall Murals Design For Your Bathroom

Generally, we know that a wallpaper can be applied only on dry room walls such as living rooms and bedrooms. And it is not wrong to think so, but what about a bathroom?

Setting a wallpaper depends on several factors, such as: the type of wallpaper, adhesive and wall surface, which in the bathroom case could be made from ceramic tiles. So, if you want to apply a wallpaper on bathroom walls you need a quality wallpaper with a high tolerance of the wet surface. The best are plastic coated wallpapers, which come in a wide range of colors and prints and a bathroom is the perfect place to try wide prints (wall murals) and bright colors.

However, you do not have to set wallpapers (wall murals) on all the bathroom walls. It will be better to choose an accent wall such as the wall near the tub or the sink. However, you need to respect just a main rule. Your wall mural should not be applied on or around surfaces that are excessive exposed to much water, beside a high quality plastic wallpaper and a very good adhesive. Wall murals are just not foreseen for areas with high humidity.

Let’s see several beautiful ideas and maybe you will be inspired to create your dream bathroom.

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