Behind The Living Room Sofa Space – Designing Ideas

Living room sofa in the lead role


What is the best arrangement for a living room sofa?

A sofa in the middle of the living room, a lovely seat area in a window bay or a sofa against the wall?

There are so many interesting interior designer proposals that it is quite difficult to consider which variant will be the perfect combination of functionality and elegance.


And you do not have to forget that you should take in consideration a number of factors in your decision such as the layout of your living room, the design style, the furniture, and the decorative accessories.

However, today we will focus on a specific living room furniture arrangement, more precisely on the arrangements with sofa placed at a distance from the wall.

More precisely on how to design and decorate the space behind the sofa.

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Behind The Living Room Sofa Space – Designing Ideas (video)


A sofa in the “middle of the room”

Classic and traditional living room arrangements most often include a sofa or a couch against the wall. This is obviously a practical and functional solution especially for small living rooms.

The arrangement seems a little bit trivial when you are lucky to have a large living room.

A vast living space asks for a great design, for creativity. In these cases, you can place the sofa in the middle of the room. It completely changes the look of your home interior.

The living space become elegant, exquisite with a luxurious touch.

A modular piece of furniture behind it will add and increase the elegant visual effect.


How to style this complex arrangement?

Watch our new uploaded video. You will discover there, superb furniture arrangements.

It is a perfect and sumptuous arrangement for a large living space. It also is an interesting design solution that will give the interior a modern dynamism.

Of course, you don’t need a gigantic home interior to place a sofa in the heart of your living room, but it is preferable a large open space.

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