Best Small Living Room Design Ideas, Trends and Inspiration, #10

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Furnishing and decorating a small living room is a quite complex task, especially for many of us. This article and the new uploaded video, from our YouTube channel, bring together expert knowledge, tips, and ways on how to furnish and decorate a small living room.


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Best Small Living Room Design Ideas, Trends and Inspiration, #10

The new uploaded video is the 10th part of the popular video series “Best Small Living Room Design Ideas, Trends and Inspiration”.

You will find there indeed, ones of the best furnishing and decorating ideas for a small living room.


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Design ideas for the walls of a small living room

For a small living room, you should choose light colors such as pastels and nuances of white and beige. They will visually enlarge the space.

However, using rich and saturated colors such as red, orange, green, purple will create the perfect background for the furniture and decorative accessories.


Do not forget a unique accent wall that will bring style to the whole décor.

And something else. A smart transition from a light color to a dark one will create an attractive and stunning effect in your small living room.


Furnishing ideas for a small living room

The size of the furniture is extremely important for the overall décor of a small living room.

It has to be proportional with the size of the room, not too small or too large.

It is also recommended to provide room for relatively free access to a window or balcony and also open a path to the kitchen and dining room.

Another thing. The furniture for a small living room should be light enough to be easily moved around.

A smart idea is to have two smaller coffee tables instead of a larger one.

An ottoman, a chair or an armchair can complement the décor, of course if the space allows that.



The living room design, especially the design of a small living room is primarily about functionality.

Therefore, the furniture for this space should be collapsible and multifunctional. They can also create a precious extra-storage. We are speaking here, about ottoman with storage, small wardrobes on wheels, or coffee tables with drawers.


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