Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas, #21

Modern and small living space but smart design.

We have reached the twentieth part of the article and also video series “Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas.” Small apartments – a vast interior design theme! After all, small living spaces are in high demand nowadays. Why?  Because more and more people choose to live in big cities. Here, a small studio apartment or one-bedroom apartment becomes home.

Therefore, we have uploaded for you a new selection of almost fifty design ideas for small apartments.

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Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas, #21 (video)

You will discover here more than fifty amazing decorating ideas for small apartments. We also recommend reading the first 20 parts of this interesting article and to check out the amazing ideas from the first twentieth parts of the popular video series: “Cute Small Apartments, Creative Design Ideas.”

We want to inspire the homeowners of small living spaces to use their creativity and imagination and find unusual and unique design and decorating solutions for their home.

Think outside the ordinary.

Designing, furnishing, and decorating a fully pleasant and functional home interior in a limited space is a big challenge that requires a courageous and bold way of thinking quite outside the ordinary. Let’s see, together with us, see how professional architects and interior designers strive to solve this difficult task.

You can use our selected ideas and unique designer approaches when it comes to furnishing and decorating your small one apartment. Feel free to try these great ways to successfully use every space inch. The result can be a modern and elegant home interior.

Let’s see again several important rules when it comes to furnishing and decorating of a small apartment:

  • When choosing furniture, pay attention to multifunctional models equipped with folding and transformation functions.
  • Mirror and glossy surfaces expand the space due to the effect of light reflection.
  • It should be enough light in the apartment, especially natural light. If there is not enough natural light, then it must be replaced with artificial light sources.
  • Use a light color palette with bright color accents.

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