Big Design Ideas for Small … Living Rooms, #4

Make the most of your space

Furnishing and decorating a small living room?

The perfect and optimal design of a living room is different for everyone and is in accordance with the style, space layout, and the personality of the homeowner.

Tiny Living Room

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However, there are a number of general rules that will make any small living room to look more spacious.

From example a light color palette, plenty of light, lots of mirrors, etc. make a small living room to look bigger than it really is.

And more than that. We know that furnishing and decorating a small living room is far, far from easy, because there are so many factors to take in consideration.

Therefore, we have uploaded an amazing video. There, you will find ones of the best design ideas for a small living room.

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Big Design Ideas for Small … Living Rooms, #4 (video)

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Decorating a small living room – practical ideas and tips to start with

So, if you are not blessed with a large and spacious living room, pay attention to several factors that can help you to furnish and decorate your small living room.

And do not forget! Any small living space can be furnished and decorated stylishly and tastefully.

Let’s see what you can do to turn your small space into a comfortable and elegant home interior.

  1. Work vertically – Try to focus not only the room surface, but also on the volume, the surface, and the room height. Use the room height and install wall-mounted shelves and cabinets.
  2. Sleek, low-profile, and lightweight works betterin a small living room décor. Also, the furniture with double role and included storage space.
  3. Combine the regular furniture pieces with metal and glass furniture.
  4. Work with light colors
  5. A large mirror or combination of mirrors – gives the small space a double appearance and make the living room appear larger.
  6. In-depth posters or 3D wallpapers have a similar effect.
  7. Choose vertical lines and floor-to-ceiling curtains – make the room to look higher.
  8. Do not let the colors of the walls and floors differ to much. Together they will form a spatial whole.
  9. Do not over furnish or over decorate.

You will find many examples in our video.

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