Big Design Ideas for … Small Living Rooms, #9

Small living room: layout, design, and decoration ideas

Furnishing, and decorating, a small home interior, is often a really challenge. Especially a small living room. We obviously want it to look as good and beautiful as possible, but due to limited space, it also should be functional above everything else.

This article is the ninth part of the series:” Big Design Ideas for … Small Living Rooms”.

When designing such a living space, and especially a small living room, you need to carefully pay attention not only to the furniture, but also to its placement in the décor, to the decorative accessories, and the wall colors. These factors indeed have an enormous impact on the whole decor harmony, and on the practicality and functionality of your living space.

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Big Design Ideas for … Small Living Rooms, #9 (video)

In our video you will find amazing creative and inspiring design ideas that will show you how to furnish, decorate, and arrange your own small living room to create a beautiful and optimizing space where you will feel good there.

After all, when you live in a small city apartment or in a studio apartment, you know very well how difficult it is to furnish and decorate your own small living room, especially when it shares the same open space with the kitchen, dining area, and sometimes, even with the bedroom. So read our articles, watch the video, and find there our advice for choosing the right furniture, how to properly arrange it and which color combinations to choose while bringing style to your home interior with well-chosen and trendy decorative accessories.

The best furniture for a small room.

Regardless of their small size these small living rooms presented in our video are beautiful and elegant. And do you know why?

Because of their smart furnishing idea. A good furnishing together with the color choice and decorative accessories are the three main factors for a successful design project.

And the perfect furniture choice for a small living room must above all be practical, functional, and even multifunctional. Any coffee table, chest of drawers, ottoman, corner cabinet, or wall cabinet should fit in every room corer, and should have a hidden storage will come in handy.

Refined, lightweight furniture.

For your small living room, it is a good idea to favor simple, modern, lightweight furniture with clean lines that give an elegant impression.

Do not forget that the living room furniture should not be too bulky or too imposing. The open shelving systems are a great choice. They free up a lot of floor space while storing your small stuff and displaying your beautiful decorative objects.

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