Blue and White Interiors, Decorating with Colors

White and Blue – a romantic color combination

A romantic person will certainly like the combination of the light blue walls with the whitish surface of the ceiling.

It creates a natural atmosphere of sky and water elements.


A blue color palette creates one of the most extraordinary stylish, elegant, and cozy at the same time home interior.

It gives the décor a special sophistication and elegance.

It is also well-known that all of blue tones and nuances can suppress emotional outbursts, pacify, and organize thoughts.


In other words, blue hues create a serene interior.

The combination of blue and its nuances with a brilliant white palette creates a wonderful effect. It gives the home interior freshness and spaciousness.

White creates a visual effect the room looks larger than it really is. White is an ideal color for small living spaces.


In combination with light blue creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Such a color combination can be found in many design styles from classical and modern to Provencal and Mediterranean style.

Are you interested to change the color palette of your home interior?


Do you like the combination of blue and white?

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Blue and White Interiors, Decorating with Colors #22 (video)

Here, in our video, you will discover magnificent design and decorating ideas for home interiors in blue and white.

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Colors and trends

Trends come and go, and instead of rush to change the color palette of your home interior it is better to choose from beginning an “eternal” one.

Blue and white will stand time. It is an always trendy color palette.

Your home interior in this superb color palette will always be airy and fresh.

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