Sports – A Suitable Theme for the Children’s Bedroom

In every house there is a space specially arranged for children, in which they spend most of their time, preparing their homework, playing or watching TV.

This space can be their bedroom or why not the home attic or the basement space that was turned into a playground just for them.

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However, no matter how big or how small the space is in your home, the arrangement and decoration style can greatly influence the development of your children. Therefore, it is extremely important for children, to have an adequate space at home that can develop their creativity.

In general the bedroom is the room that “hosts” almost all their activities during the day. There are many ways to furnish and decorate this room, but it is important that this space to become a comfortable and inviting one for your child.

It is however extremely important when choosing decor theme to keep in mind the child’s age, and his preferences.

A decorating theme, very appreciated especially by boys, is the one inspired from sport activities. Loving football, hockey or basketball, this topic certainly will delight them, especially as they may have at home a piece of the game atmosphere.

Sports themed design is not a complicated one: the rules are generally the same as with any other topic.

Walls can be painted in the favourite team colours, or a wallpaper can be applied to one of them, which will preserve the theme of the room. The room does not have to get cluttered. It is good to be used a simple furniture with aerodynamic shapes and rounded corners.

The rug is not a mandatory part but if it is present in decor, then choose a model that has printed drawings with racing cars or soccer balls.

Tennis racquets, checkerboard, and balls of different sizes and models will replace the teddy bears in the toy box.

Choose cushions in the form of football balls, and install a basketball hoop on one of the walls. Of course the rest of the elements that you will choose for decorating such as accessories, textiles, will also be in tune with the rest of the room.

This particular room in your home will favorably influence the growth and development of your child.

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