Bright Small Open Concept Apartments

Modern open concept living space is a contemporary favorite because of its many obvious advantages. First of all, it can make a tiny home feel larger and brighter.

Bright Small Open Concept Apartments | Interior Design Ideas #20 (video)

Avoid Separating Walls

Planning an open floor plan in your home, avoiding walls between the living room, dining area and the kitchen will definitely improve your life style and will bring many benefits to your daily routine, especially if you live in a small apartment, not to mention that its much easier to design and decorate one larger space than two or three smaller ones.

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Maybe, for many, separate rooms have a coziness feeling and hold a traditional charm, but a modern open space can also be comfortable and cozy. A comfortable sofa, plenty of pillows and beautiful rugs can make miracles.

So, open concept living space is the main favorite design concept today. It gives the impression of a bigger and brighter home and is perfect for a modern lifestyle.

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