Cedar Roof Cleaning and Restoration

In the last years, it appears a whole industry has created around repairing, restoring and cleaning cedar roofs.

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Many of the homeowners with this type of roofing may have observed roofing companies in their neighborhood providing roofing restoration or repairing services. Perhaps, you have received already many phone calls and emails regarding the services offered by these roofing companies. This article may help you to do a right choice and can teach you how to deal with these companies.

In many areas that have severe heat and a lot of sun, cedar-roofing systems perform effectively in these kinds of environments and can have a lifespan of about 50 years. However, in many other areas such as North American West Coast area the lifespan of a cedar roof is much reduced. The West Coast is dominated by temperate rainforest and the abundant rainfall shortens the lifespan of cedar roof, not to mention that leaves, dust, dirt and debris make a perfect medium for moss and algae growth. That combined will break down slowly a cedar roof.

Therefore, this unwanted scenario has generated an army of contractors and entrepreneurs claiming that they can extend the lifespan of cedar roofs treating them with different chemical solutions or simply, washing them with high-pressure water. They also offer unrealistic and impractical warranties. Regrettably the industry is mostly not regulated in the both cases the work force and the products. So, for many homeowners this is a possibility to avoid a home re-roofing for a while, when in reality the roof damage is quite serious because of too many years of neglect.

There is no doubt that routine maintenance in the form of small repairs and cleaning is vital for any type of roof, especially for cedar, which is a natural roofing product, but you should know that high-pressure washers could do irreparable damages to this kind of roof, removing the cedar pulp itself.

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1| Cedar roofing needs to be washed on a regular basis, every fall and spring with gentle pressure, strong enough to remove the accumulated dirt and debris. It is a good idea to inspect also your roof in preparation for the coming season.

2| On this occasion, you should replace any deteriorated or damaged tile. Sometimes a fastener that joins two sides together can fell leading to ridge caps to separate and open up. Hip caps and ridge have a tendency to break down sooner than the regular tiles. You need to repair or replace them. However, even field tiles can warp or even crack and therefore, they need to be replaced because otherwise the integrity of your roof may be compromised.

3| It is known that cedar contains anti-fungal agents and natural oils that make cedar trees live nearly a thousand years. Therefore, it is quite difficult if not impossible to improve or increase in a way the natural properties of the cedar. So, do not utilize the topical treatment or any other “fancy” treatment product claiming to increase cedar wood properties, making it fire-retardant, sealing it, waterproofing it, etc. In fact, these treatments such as butyl, silicon or latex coat the cedar surface preventing it to breathe. Use only treatment products that are labeled as a cedar roofing treatment products.