Changing Periodically the Electronic Combination of Your Entrance Door Lock Increases the Level of Your Home Security

Usually, all alarm systems are monitored by security companies and are guaranteed by manufacturers. Yet we are faced with an increase in residential burglary. Have you ever wondered how a burglar succeeds to outsmart an electronic security system?

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It is easier than you imagine. A smart burglar can guess your electronic combination, just looking at the system lock keypad.


Very easy. In time, the used buttons are most distinguishing (dirty, soiled, pushed inside, etc) from those unused, making the breaking in an easy job.

Changing periodically (at least once per year) the electronic combination increases the home security level. It is an easy task, only you should follow some simple steps.

1)    Using a screwdriver remove the cover on the electronic panel. Now the electronic panel is exposed. There are many different types of security systems. However, you should only, to put the electronic lock in the open position. Then you need to press the program button for the new settings. Consult the system guide to locate the program button, because their location differs depending on system type.

2)    Press your new combination numbers on the panel. You can choose a combination from four to eight numbers. It is better to use more than four numbers. Eight numbers combination is almost impossible to be guessed. Use a combination easy to remember.

3)    When you have finished entering the new combination, wait for a confirmation signal. This means that your new electronic combination is accepted. If it is not, you should repeat the steps.

4)    Install back the cover and check if your system is working properly.

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