How to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

Having an eco-friendly kitchen is not only about cooking with organic ingredients, it is about using the right kitchen tools too. There are so many options to make your kitchen eco-friendly.

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Use Steel and Cast Iron

Instead of non-stick coatings, opt for stainless steel or cast iron cookware.

Food Storage

Many containers contain BPA a toxic substance. BPA can be found in hard, clear plastics bottle. BPA is related to risk of cancer disease.

You should opt for glass containers or stainless steel and avoid the plastics one when this is possible.

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Wax Paper

You should buy your wax paper from health store food, it is made with soya compare with the regular wax paper made with paraffin wax a petroleum by-product.

Cotton Linens

Use organic cotton linens; commercial cotton got pesticides that are harm for environment and represent a high risk for chronic disease.

Utensils and Wooden Cutting Boards

When you look for utensils and wooden cutting boards, buy those made from forest certified wood.


How to Make Your Dishwasher Eco-Friendly

Do not use your dishwasher if is not full. You can avoid to the air-dry program by stopping the machine and prop the door open.

Use only natural detergent; avoid sulphates with artificial color and fragrances.

You should avoid plastic sponge and plastic scrubber; opt for organic cloths.

Dinning out

Try to choose eco-friendly kitchen too, when you decide to eat out.

Choose environmentally restaurants and cafes.