Cheap Ways to Fix Laminate Countertops in Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most used rooms of your home. You spend many hours in the kitchen, therefore is important that this room to be functional and to have an aesthetic look.

Because of its large surface, countertop has a big visual impact in the kitchen overall look.

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A dented, scratched or even old-fashioned laminate countertop makes a kitchen to look dull and unaesthetic.

Fortunately there are easy and cheap ways to recondition and update an old laminate countertop.

Laminate Countertop Repairs

Repairs are the cheapest ways to fix an old laminate countertop.

1)    Scratches – You can find different touch-up products special designated for laminate countertop. There are in a wide range of colors.
2)    Loose laminate – You can fix a loose laminate with a strong carpenter adhesive.
3)    Burned or damage – Cut the damaged area and insert a different material. You can create a workstation with the same thickness from wood or granite.

How to Install New Laminate or Tiles over the Old Countertop

Consider installation of a new laminate or tiles over the existing countertop if the countertop is too old or badly damaged.

1)    New Laminate – New laminate installation is an inexpensive and quick way to fix an old countertop. It is also an easy job. Surface preparation is very important. Before installation of a new laminate, make sure the old laminate is glued down and repair any gouge or crack. For a good adherence sand the surface and glue down onto surface the new laminate. The best adhesive for laminate is contact cement.

2)    Tiles – Using colorful ceramic tiles can improve a lot the aesthetic look of your kitchen. You can give any look you want. You can find tiles, which can match with your cabinets or you can create a folk Mexican look, the possibilities are unlimited.

A Sustainable Option – Recycled Glass Countertops (

Paint Your Old Laminate Countertop

Painting is another inexpensive, easy and quick option. Using a thin sander, sand your countertops and wipe them using a damp rag. Allow time to dry and then apply two coats of primer. For laminate, the bet is oil-based primer and melamine paint. For a nice look, you should apply at least two coats of melamine paint. For each coat of primer or paint, allow time to dry before applying the new coat.