The minimalist style can still be welcoming

Minimalist style โ€“ an impersonal design style? Think again!

Many people associate the minimalist style with a boring and cold decor. But that is no longer true. Minimalism loves natural materials and bright colors, on the contrary, it avoids a lot of colors, materials, or accessories. It also has one big advantage: It cleans up well!

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The whole world fell for the new form of minimalism. Its current form lets the user’s personality shine through, it’s much softer and friendlier, and what’s incredible, it can be playful too!

Bet on nature.

White was and still is the basic color used for a minimalist interior look. Recently, neutral colors such as beige, dark gray and stone color have been added to it.

Designers choose pale to dull colors as a base, which they complete with colorful furniture or accessories. As for the main contrasting color aspect, choose one bold color that will appear on the sofa or the painting on the wall. Many strong accents create an impression of chaos, so avoid them. The most suitable colors are red or bold brown.

Put an end to over decorating.

To fulfill the essence of the minimalist look, choose furniture that is simple in appearance and has sharp lines. Avoid ornate styles or patterned covers. Simple wooden or leather furniture is suitable. It is very modern in chrome, stainless steel, or glass. Glossy surfaces that reflect light are popular.

When it comes to the choice of floor coverings, wood, concrete and tiling lead the minimalist style. If you feel that the room needs to be cozier, you can also use a carpet. It can become the main color accent of the room. Even here, however, it is important to avoid patterns or older designs.

Even the windows and their decoration should be in a simple style. Large windows that open by turning are recommended, as they do not have shutters and therefore nothing disturbs the overall view. Curtains and curtains are taboo. Nowadays, when houses are built very close to each other, the demands for privacy have increased, so choose blinds or blinds. If you insist on curtains, choose them from materials that do not have patterns and are relatively transparent. This will keep the airy look and feel of endless space.

Be careful with accessories.

Although the minimalist style is mainly about the minimum number of accessories, their selection is very important. Each of us owns many things that need to be stored somewhere in order to match the chosen style. However, you don’t have to say goodbye to these things, it’s about finding suitable places in the interior that can be converted into storage space. Display the most interesting pieces and clean the rest. Limit yourself to one, maximum two vases and do the same with photos and candles.

Lights, and lamps

For each room, choose one very interesting lighting that will have the ability to illuminate the entire room. If you have a chosen place where you like to read, illuminate it with a floor lamp. Preferably a very modern metal lamp that will not disturb the interior.

A minimalist look is more difficult to maintain in the beginning because most of us tend to hoard and display things. But if you can keep yourself in check, your home will look clean, orderly, modern, and airy.

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