Concrete Coating a Smart Solution for Every Surface

Why concrete coating is a smart solution and especially why it is a good solution for your home ?

The answer is simple. This method is a durable and decorative solution for any tip of surface in your house. It can be successfully used in both commercial and residential applications.

Where can concrete coating be applied?

This revolutionary and innovative method can be used in various applications and projects such as walkways, driveways, pool decks, manufacturing areas, warehouses, floors, restaurants, washrooms, countertops, etc.

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“Concrete Coating Inc.”

“Concrete Coating Inc.” is an American company, which has its headquarters in Layton, Utah. Its products are and have been always of high quality. In fact since 1996, these decorative concrete coating products have proved that they are a revolutionary and innovative product.

This company manufactures a wide range of products such as:

  • Acrylic Sealer, Urethane Sealer,
  • Grouts, Mortars, Crack Repairs,
  • Stains, Dyes, Overlay Colorants, Polymers,
  • Shield Epoxy, Stamp-Tek Release,
  • GraniteLook, Filament Pattern Tape,
  • DuraWax, DuraSeam Membrane,
  • Paper Stencils, Filament Pattern Tape,
  • Tools.

More than 17 years of experience and the latest technology have something to say in the quality of these products, not to mention that you can find all these products divided into many different types suitable for specific applications. As an example you can find various types of acrylic sealer such as “SuperSeal”, “GemKote”, “PS-18” or “Dri-Look”. All the water-based and solvent-based sealers, stencils, liquid colorants, spray overlay systems, epoxy systems, acid stains, spray overlay systems are high quality products.

In fact, is almost impossible not to find the right product for your project. If you will use concrete coating surely you will be amazed at the durability, feel and look of these products. You can find these concrete coating products in all the concrete supply stores.

Concrete coating products are successfully used in many commercial and industrial applications such as: restaurant, café-bar and lounge flooring, airplane hangars, clinics and hospitals, manufacturing areas, municipal buildings, warehouses, hotels and many more.

How to Apply these Products

You don’t need a construction or concrete background to apply these products. All the concrete coating products are in fact, easy to install and user friendly materials. And after all, any contractor can attend a two-day training course.

The average time for the products to dry depend on several factors such as humidity and temperature, but usually in normal conditions a coat will dry in about one hour. However, the weather can affect the time and the quality of the application. Fortunately, “Concrete Coating Inc.” offers a wide range of products for both outdoor and indoor applications so with the right product and application technique the work quality is assured.

Sherwin –Williams

Concrete coating products distributed by Sherwin-Williams are also high quality products whether they are decorative concrete or protective concrete.

Masonry & Concrete Products for Exterior:

  • Water Proofers & Protective Concrete Coatings,
  • Concrete Preparation Products,
  • Decorative Concrete Products,
  • Supplies & Equipment for Concrete.

Masonry & Concrete Products for Interior:

  • Water Proofers & Protective Concrete Coatings,
  • Concrete Preparation Products,
  • Decorative Concrete Products,
  • Supplies & Equipment for Concrete.

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