Create a Positive Energy in Your Home with Feng Shui Elements

A home with positive energy is the guarantee of harmony and a healthy life. In other words, Feng Shui elements used in your home can induce balance and wellbeing in your life.

In essence, it is extremely important to include in decorating all five natural elements, which strongly influence the human being, namely: earth, water, fire, wood and metal.

However, using one of the elements of Feng Shui more than the others, unbalanced the positive energies of your home, also disrupting indirectly, your vital energy. On the other hand, their correct combination always brings harmony, tranquility and health.

Feng Shui Element Imbalance

If you often feel overstretched and overwhelmed, your home has too much wood in the décor. This is an example of Feng Shui element imbalance. The ideal solution is to neutralize this component in excess with metal, which is the element that “cut” the wood.

An example of too much “wood” in your home design would be a bedroom with green walls with floral patterns and lots of furniture. Metal is represented by pastel shades of white or beige, metallic materials and circular shapes. Basically what you can do in this case is to change the seat covers and floral linen with some pastel ones to rebalance the bedroom energy.

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How to Choose Feng Shui Elements for Your Home

If the selected Feng Shui elements are used in a form close to their natural state, positive energy “chi” grows until it reaches the maximum value. But remember that not only the materials themselves may represent the elements of nature, but also shapes and colors.

A high cylindrical shape, which resembles a tree can have the same effect as wood. The same applies to temperate shades of blue and green, paintings with nature landscapes and plants.

Feng Shui Elements

1| Wood is development and growth, being found mostly in trees and plants. When your decor contains too much wood, combine this element with metal to reduce its influence or with water to supplement it, if you used too little.

2| Fire means first of all, passion and is represented by natural light, home lighting, and fireplace flames pyramid and triangular shapes. But too much fire is impulsivity and aggression, and little can cause lack of enthusiasm, motivation and heat. Of course, the wood increases the fire effect and the water decreases its effect.

3| Earth helps you stay rational and engaged in real. The absence of this element can make you confused or to have problems with fertility. It is represented by yellow and brown shades, clay, sandstone, ceramics, rectangular and square shapes. If you supplement wood element, then you can reduce the element earth, but you can multiply it with the fire element.

4| Metal exudes determination and clarity in thinking. Too much metal brings intolerance and rigidity and little instill obedience and indecision. You can insert metal in your decor with shades of pale, metallic materials, stones and oval or circular shapes. You can reduce the intensity of this element with fire and can increase its intensity with earth.

5| Water is in close connection with spiritual, intuitive approaches and timing. However, too much of this element in the house brings instability and lack of “structure” and too little of this element invoke the need to dominate weak connection with spiritual and lack of creativity. Water is represented in the home décor by dark gray, black, dark green, blue, mirrors, images reflecting surfaces and asymmetrical forms. You can increase the influence of adding metal water but you can decrease its influence, if you add ground.

A home with a perfect balance between these 5 elements of Feng Shui can help you live a healthy and prosperous life.

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