How to Exercise Your Dog when It Rains Outside

Movement for a dog is mandatory and must be done daily, especially outdoors.

Given that the weather does not allow you to go out with your dog for a walk, because it’s raining or temperature is very low, you can spend your spare time playing in equally well in your home. Here are some game ideas recommended by the famous trainer and “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan.

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1. Skip the Elevator and Use the Stairs with Your Dog

Using stairs is a great way to make your dog to use its muscles more than he would do it at a normal walk. This activity should not be made in excess, but in the short term when he needs out, for physiological needs. If your dog does not want to climb stairs, stay in top of them and convince him to come to you, luring him with a reward or toys. Pet him every time he listen to and climb stairs. Take a break when you notice that he is panting too hard.

2. Use a laser pointer

Buy a cheap laser and light the floor drawing your dog attention. You will see that he starts to chase after light. However, avoid turning the laser toward his eyes because you can affect their retina.

3. Make a Path with Obstacles

Make it a true path with obstacles using your imagination. Any object in the house can help: put a stool on his way to make him jump or make a tunnel from the couch cushions. He would love to explore the new decor of the room that will stimulate him physically and mentally.

4. Hide Rewards through the House

Take different rewards that your dog loves and hide them through your home: in the back of the doors, under the table, under carpet etc. Your dog will be too busy to find them and this activity will stimulate his sense of smell. Also, buy him a toy and hide inside it something good and make him remove it.

5. Teach Him to Fetch even when You Are at Home

Using a ball or toy, implement the old game to make him fetch the thrown things. Thus, you will have an active dog who will consume much of his energy.

6. Take Him to a Car Ride

When you go shopping, do not forget your dog at home. Get him in the car and you can stop at a pet shop or vet for further socialize with other people or just take a short walk in the mall parking lot.

7. Make Him to Walk on the Treadmill

If you have a treadmill at home is perfect. So, you make sure that your dog will do enough exercise. When you bring this machine in your home, do not put him directly on it; leave it to smell, to feel safe beside her. Place a reward on it and start it at the lowest speed. Always offer him small gifts, and if it is needed you can put him on a leash, but do not strangle him. Meanwhile, stay constantly in his face. Once he starts to get used walking on the treadmill, you can increase the speed of running.

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