People from Denmark are Living a Simple but a Happy Life. Their Secret Consists in Minimal Decorating Style.

People from Denmark are living a simple but a happy life. Their secret consists in minimal decorating style. Danish homes are cozy and simple. People are focusing on their life more than focusing on things and that makes them happier.

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Choose the colour of your furnishing. Instead of coloring the walls keep them white or cream and use a few of color furniture pieces. The effect is warm and inviting and your home is going to be elegant and neat.

Don`t use cabinets use shelves. Having shelves around your room is giving impression of more space and is much easier to clean. Don’t put to many things on your shelves, better storage your items in baskets. This way you are more organise and you will be more relax and happy in your home.

Use color glasses or color pots. Your kitchen is the place where you are spending a lot of time, so make it look brighter. Cooking here has to be a happy time with your family or friends.

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Keep your countertops clean. Having too many things on your countertop it makes look visually heavier.

Keep away your staff after you use it. Better have a flowers arrangement on your countertop at all the time.

Decorate your home in style. Keep only a few items at the time when you decorate your home and switch them time to time. You are going to have a healthy and lovely home.

Following these simples’ rules is going to make your home easier to maintain, looking great all the time and you will be happier.

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