Daltile Tile Flooring – Beauty, Style & Quality

For nearly 60 years, “DALTILE” is one of the undisputed industry leaders in creating wonderful natural stone and tile flooring. In fact, Daltile brand products excel by their beautiful design. This company is in a constant race with itself, always trying to beat their own standards. Over time, Daltile has created an outstanding reputation in the flooring industry.

Tile Flooring but not ‘Daltile” type.

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Today, Daltile offers a wide range of ceramic, glass, porcelain and natural stone tiles, in a huge variety of patterns, colours, shapes and sizes. Because the offer is really huge, it is almost impossible not to find the right flooring type that fits your style and taste.

You can choose a classic, modern or contemporary collection, from decorative pieces glass mosaic murals and various flooring sizes. Daltile products satisfy any taste or project, residential, commercial or industrial

Let us mention a few:

1| Porcelain Tile Collections:

a) Kimona Silk is a porcelain tile, well known for its fabric look, very suitable to industrial or modern designs. They are extremely durable and beautiful creating a pleasant environment with a great aesthetic effect.

b) Terrace collection has a wooden look. In fact, Terrace flooring creates the appearance of a varnished wood flooring. Of course, such kind of flooring makes any room to be warm and inviting.

c) Ayer’s Rock is a brand new collection with a beautiful slate surface. Colours are brilliant varying from beach beige to iron gray and honey golden.

d) Heathland  collection looks similar to travertine giving a rustic and charming feeling.

e) Fabrique is perhaps, the most popular pattern on the market. In a way, it is similar to Kimona Silk. Fabrique has the same woven fabric look but with thin straight lines and a ultra-modern look.

f) Concrete Connection is the perfect collection for those who prefer an industrial or modern look.

g)Yacht Club is an impressive collection. It gives a luxurious look to any room. These collections come with stunning decorative design patterns and therefore, they can be inserted in any backsplash layout.

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2| Natural Stone Collections:

In addition to porcelain tile, Daltile come with a wide selection of natural stone tile. These fascinating and amazing collections can be used in residential and commercial projects.

a) Alessi is a wonderful collection that brings natural stone shades and colors in any environment.

b) Lodge is extremely versatile. This collection comes in different sizes and formats giving a modern look to any room.

c) Franciscan Slate – A mixture of colours in each tile.

d) Quarry Stone is an extremely durable collection and it is perfect for commercial projects. These tiles feel and look like ceramic bricks.

e) Identity collection is similar with Quarry Stone with one exception; it comes in six different colours.


In addition, Daltile brand flooring tiles are green products.

Daltile gives a special attention to the environmental impact of their products.

Therefore, they have introduced so-called “Greenworks TM” that is a combination of their eco-friendly ideas and green operating practices.

Daltile offers a huge variety of products that are environmentally friendly. Moreover, many products are made from recyclable materials such as glass tiles.