Design Elements for Your Home with a Soothing Effect

Everyone knows the saying “Your home, your castle”. But, your home can be more than that. It can be an oasis of peace where you can retire after a busy and stressful day.

You can turn your home into an oasis of tranquility and serenity with a few simple objects and methods. From colors to perfumes, some design elements have a really calming effect for adults and children alike.

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Let’s see some of those elements with which you can get a soothing effect in the interior of your home:

Wooden Objects combined with Plants

A clever way to create a calm and welcoming interior is to use natural wood in combination with plants. Decorate a room in beige and brown tones to achieve a classic, intimate and relaxing place. Add potted indoor plants to make a connection with the nature.

Such a combination is unpretentious and very relaxing thanks to these two natural colors. For added effect, use natural light, especially in the rooms facing south.

Chromatic Contrasts of Blue and Yellow

Some chromatic contrasts have a relaxing and calming effect, such as blue and yellow. The smart use of these two colors can create a soothing, warm and inviting room.

– Blue is the ideal color for living room, especially for furniture, cushions and curtains. This color and its shades, reminiscent of sea, vacation and rest, is a smart way to make a room more inviting and relaxing.
– Yellow is like a breath of life that enlivens the room. You can use it as accents of color in flowers, pillows, vases etc.

An “Aesthetic” Storage Way

An essential and primary rule in obtaining a soothing effect by design is a clean and uncluttered room. For a room to be tidy, things must be stored efficiently. Therefore, it is a smart way to use dual-purpose furniture pieces.

A body bathroom sink with a beautiful cabinet, with drawers and storage spaces for baskets, where you can place a vase of flowers, is an example of a dual-function storage: practical and aesthetic. Such kind of cabinet has a symmetrical design, a bright color and is spacious enough to keep your towels, as well as decorative objects such as flowers.


Essential oils contained in plants have energizing effect, which stimulates and invigorates your body. For a soothing and pleasant interior, you can use aromatherapy. You can buy an aromatherapy lamp and essential oils of lavender, scented candles or sticks.

You can also use small tricks of light (a diffuse light night lamp can do wonders). Replace the neon lights that emit “cool” lights with incandescent bulbs, colored yellow or orange.

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