Designing, Purchasing and Installing an Automatic Gate Opener for Your Driveway

Gate openers have become as much of a standard and a necessity as the garage door opener. More gates are seen with operators today than ever before. And when it comes to driveway gates and all gate accessories, the most important thing you need is a gate opener. Why?

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Automatic driveway gate openers and access control systems complete the package allowing access for you, your family, friends and guests without standing in the rain, snow, cold and windy weather.

Also, gate openers are affordable, easy to install and provide security for the homeowner.

An automatic gate system may be as simple as an opener, a receiver, and a clicker. This works very well for you and the family just give everybody a remote to put in the car.

Several intercom systems are available but can run into significant dollars. Access can be provided with a key pad, intercom, telephone entry or remote control system. A controlled or free-exit operation can be activated by electronic detectors, timers and safety loops.

Several things should be considered when choosing and installing your gate opener. The biggest difference with gate openers however is no gate is the same; they are hung on different hinges, on columns or posts, made of different materials, have different power access, subjected to different wind and weather conditions, are picketed or tube or solid, open many or only a few times a day, and many other conditions that affect your gate opener choice.

How to Choose the Right Automatic Gate Opener:

The first thing you’ll need to determine is the type of gate you’re going to be dealing with.

Is it a single swing or dual swing gate? You need a different kind of opener for a sliding gate. The opener needs to be designed for each style, size or weight of gate.

Type of Power Source:

Automatic gate openers are powered by 12 volt DC power. This makes it very convenient because you can use a 12 volt car battery to power the unit. While there are alternatives to electric gate openers, there’s really no other option that can be completely automatic.

Counterweight openers or antique driveway gate openers – they all a physically push to open.

No electricity? – Go Green!

There are several solar gate operators that can take care of almost any residential gate applications. So, enjoy the convenience and safety of an automatic gate operator, while lowering your electric bill.

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