How to Elevate a Sinking Stone Patio

One of the most common problems of stone patio is an uneven surface caused by improper drainage or due to poor construction. Read our post and find about the implications of a sinking stone patio and the best fixing solutions.

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There are many causes that make a stone patio to sink. We are not going to debate them in this post.

However, regardless of the cause, the solution is the same:

a) Lift the stones
b) Add coarse stone to allow proper drainage
c) Add sand and compact it
d) Replace back the stones

1. Place a length of batten over the problem area and mark with chalk all the stones that do not touch the underside of the batten.

2. Remove all the marked stones and all stones next to them.

3. Dig down into the ground about 3”

4. Back fill with 2″ of coarse stone to allow proper drainage. Even out as level or close to level as possible.

5. Add sand and compact it. Level the sand with a trowel. Let the sand sit slightly higher than the base of the other patio stones to allow for settling.

6. You can lay back the patio stones in their respective places.

7.  Brush sand into the joints between the stones.

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