Small Apartment Designs – Living Comfortable in Small Spaces

Do you live in a small, tiny or medium size apartment?  Most of us do, more by necessity than by choice.

Photo by Vertebrae ArchitectureDiscover bedroom design ideas

Make the most of your limited space with smart decorating and design ideas for small rooms and apartments. After all, when a space has a beautiful and stylish style, size doesn’t really matter. From vertical gardening, clever storage to fold-away home office space, clever tips and design ideas are life-changers.

Even though there are no specific rules or formulas when it comes to decorating and designing a compact space, there are many ways to success such as:

Painting your walls in light, pastel colors or using a neutral color palette, buying multi-purpose furniture, utilizing smart hidden storages – these are just some of the smart tricks and ideas.

Top Design Ideas for Small Spaces | Living Room Design #17 (video)

However, do not forget some decorating tricks such as: adding wall art (paintings and graphic art), vases, decorative accessories and beautiful flower arrangements that can improve the look of your home giving you a comfortable and cozy feel.

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