Do You Really Save Money with a Cheap Project for Your House?

I have not written anything about this topic for a long time. However, I want to break the ice this year, with a new article about the project of a house and how important is it in the construction economy.

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When you know nothing about how to build a house, you need to start your research. And the first thing you want to know is of course, the price of construction. But, without a project is like you want to know how much it costs to buy a car without knowing what model you want. Of course, there is an estimated price per sq. ft., but it may vary depending on the quality and quantity of the materials. As the project is more comprehensive, the estimates of construction will be more accurate.

The biggest mistake is that many believe that the project of a house is less important than other factors. Every time, someone interested seek advice about house price that they want it, ask for details about the project and resort to an architect in order to make an opinion, and their conclusion is almost, always the same: “Project is normal, nothing out of the ordinary … I saw one that we like, at someone and we talk to him.”

There are many, who despite the advice of professionals to pay a good project that competent architects worked relying on form and positioning of land, but also on desires of future homeowners, have preferred to give a much smaller amount on a project already made for someone else. Normal, most such projects are incomplete and lacking in important specific execution details.

Furthermore, you may end up with large glass areas positioned north or to the neighbors to which should actually be placed the bathroom windows. That only brings discomfort, and more expenses than you expected.

It is true that a project from scratch is more expensive and may take some time to be done, but it’s the last thing you should consider if you want to save money building your home right from the start.

Unfortunately, the project must typically paid at the beginning and design costs are not taken into account by many when they make their budget, hence the tendency to pay, as little as the project to stay within a budget, which is anyway erroneously determined and will certainly be far exceeded. Ironically because of the lack of a good house project.

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