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More than a trend, ecology is a lifestyle and an increasing necessity that involves a special care for us, our children’s future and of course, our environment.

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From selective waste collection, to conserving and saving our resources (water, electricity, etc), each of us can contribute in a way, to a better quality of life.

If you intend to build a house, it is good to know that all the decisions you take from the design stage to the finishing stage will significantly influence the building footprint and its impact on the environment.

It seems incredible but it is a fact. Did you know that 40% of the energy consumed in Europe is only used for cooling homes? Much of this energy could be saved if the new raised buildings would be energy efficient and therefore Eco-friendly.

To build energy-efficient buildings means to use only materials that have a good thermal insulation and provides a great comfort inside, regardless of outside temperature variations.

This can be done with additional thermal insulation or using innovative materials such as masonry blocks Ytong A + that regulates the indoor humidity, provides an excellent thermal insulation without the need for additional thermal insulation, damping the outdoor temperature oscillations.

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Masonry walls made with blocks Ytong A + (product that provides one of the lowest values of masonry thermal conductivity), is also a vapor permeable, absorbs excess moisture and balances the micro-climate.

Also, for the environmental health is important that the material used for a building construction to be made of natural materials, which on long-term does not affect Eco-system. For example, a BCA type masonry is produced using only sand, lime, cement and water – all environmentally friendly materials.

During any construction process there will always be losses and waste materials, and to have an Eco-friendly process and it is also extremely important that all the materials included in the construction project to be managed carefully.

Thus, any kind of waste should be sorted and sent to selective collection and in this way, the environmental impact will be minimized.

In conclusion, the effort of building an Eco-friendly house consists primarily in a good information and good solutions adopting modern innovations and technologies that can be a real help in saving valuable resources for our planet.

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