The Best Adhesives for Your Projects

Honestly, every home is just as a minefield of failed tapes, glues and other sorts of adhesives such as masking tape that let your paint to leak under its edge, super glue that is everything you want but not super, caulk, which detaches from your bathroom tub surrounds, etc.

Water-Based Latex Contact Adhesive for Cork Tiles, One Gallon

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If you renovate the house is natural to wonder that is the best adhesive for your project. However, you do not want to waste your time and money and compromise your work on ordinary or even poor quality products that can clog or dry in their tube after a few weeks. You may easily ruin the quality of your job with “adhesives” that do not adhere well.


So, if you are thinking to renovate now, here are some considerations:

1| Construction Adhesive is perhaps one of the best adhesive; it is an extremely strong and long lasting adhesive. It is in fact, an exterior and interior adhesive that bond a huge variety of materials such as bricks, masonry, wood, concrete, pressure treated lumber, drywall, glass, mirrors, fiberglass, vinyl, polystyrene, plastic, etc. There is a wide range of “Construction Adhesive” types but regardless of their type these specially formulated sealants and adhesives provide a high performance and quality for many and complex applications.

For example, “Le Page PL Premium” is a very strong and unique construction adhesive type. It is a revolutionary type of adhesive that is almost 3 times stronger than any other kind of construction adhesive. It bonds very well even wet or frozen pressure treated lumber.

However, on short, construction adhesive is a strong adhesive that can bond various construction materials. It can be used outside and inside even in high humidity areas.

2| “Subfloor Adhesive” is the adhesive that is used generally, when you are laying down the plywood subfloor. In fact, this adhesive is squeezed onto the floor joists prior subfloor installation. The result is an extremely efficient rubber type barrier that prevents the future floor squeaks. It is a waterproof adhesive, which penetrates even frozen and wet pressure treated lumber.

One of the best types of subfloor adhesive is “Miracle Lumber Lock” that is an extremely strong subfloor adhesive. It is in fact, much stronger than the treated lumber that it bonds together. It reduces also, the risk of wood cracking or splintering.

3|”Liquid Nails Panel Adhesive” is an efficient adhesive for paneling or wainscoting. Your job installation will be much easier with this type of adhesive. You do not need screws and nails or to clamp your panels in place until the adhesive is cured. Your panels will never gap or fail.

This is a fast, strong bonding and impact resistant adhesive that is specifically created for renovating and remodeling projects where the rapidity is essential such as crown molding installation.


If you are not into complex and difficult remodeling you can successfully use two brand new “Liquid Nails” products; “General Repair and Small Projects Adhesive” and “All Purpose Home Projects Adhesive” that can bond a huge variety of materials together. In addition, these good quality products have eco-friendly certifications such as “Schools Certification” and “Green guard Children”. That means they meet all the air quality criteria for hospital and school environment.

1| “All Purpose Home Projects Adhesive” is mostly designed for exterior or interior use. It is waterproof and can bond together different materials such as wood, leather, textiles, foam, insulation, ceramics, paper, stone, brick, concrete, marble, steel, aluminum, neoprene, fiberglass, nylon, etc.

It dries clear and cures in 24 hours.

2| “General Repair and Small Projects Adhesive” is designed for home improvement jobs or to install different building materials such as concrete, molding, vinyl, carpet, tile, cork floor, etc. Usually it dries in a white color and can be cleaned up with soap and water. After curing you can sand it or paint it.

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