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Who does not like to sit outside in spring or summer? The garden terrace and porch are favorite relaxation spots by many owners. But instead of setting up a classic garden furniture, you can choose a new idea very attractive – garden hanging chair this year. Whether you choose the exotic hammock chair or the modern suspended egg armchair, this trend in outdoor furniture will perfectly complement your personal oasis with relaxation in the garden. Discover creative inspirational ideas about outdoor space design with garden chairs and enjoy a beautiful outdoor vacation!

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The hammock chairs and the garden hanging chair, like hanging outdoor furniture, have some important practical benefits. First, they take up less space than the classic hammock or hedge swing, which is very important for owners of small gardens. In addition, you sit in a lying position, which is super comfortable for reading or drinking cocktails. Sitting and standing up is also much easier. It is important to mention that the chair does not have to be attached to two trees or poles – only a horizontal support is sufficient. A pergola, a branch or a covered terrace is perfect for hanging a hanging garden chair, of course, if there is no standing chair that can be placed almost anywhere.

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