Garden Planning – Make a Garden Checklist for Winter

Winter is already here and every homeowner has finished its garden chores. It is the beginning of the most beautiful season of the year. Everyone focuses only on the approaching holidays.

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If you are a beginning gardener, you will probably wait until spring when you will go to the garden shop, on the first days of March, to buy the little seed packets. Then, depending on your spare time, you sow the seeds. In fact, doing so is not entirely wrong. There are only two issues, which you may consider:

1.     Buying the seeds at the beginning of March, you lacked of a few varieties of vegetables.
2.     In addition, buying the seeds in the springtime may lead to an excess of seed packets. Maybe you do not have enough space to cultivate them or desire to eat these kinds of vegetables.

A better approach is to order the seeds online. Doing so, you can have several advantages:

1.     You can choose from a much larger selection of seeds
2.     Planning now your future crops would improve your yield.
3.     Reading online, you can learn different gardening techniques such as “succession planning”. Succession planting means that you can plant in rotation for a warm season, then for a cold season, again for a warm season and so on. Never a patch of ground or a pot in your garden will remain uncultivated.

For example Plant arugula at the beginning of March and by June; you can eat it by middle of April; between the two arugula cultures you can grow heat-loving plants such as cucumbers.

Therefore, winter seems to be the right time for you to start planning your garden.  Draw sketches of your future garden, with specifications of the lots. Decide what you want to grow on lots and in what order.

However, even with planning, things may not go as well as you desire. Seeds may not germinate in time; weather is unfavorable and so on. Nevertheless, do not despair; you will have better overall results with a good planning.

Make a garden checklist for winter:

Read carefully the online seed catalog. Note all the plant features that you want to grow:

1.     How long it takes to become matures
2.     When is the right time for planting
3.     Form warm-season plants, note the right time when you should start to plant indoor and when is the right time for outdoor transplanting
4.     Organize the succession of crops with suitable plants for warm-season and suitable plants for cold-season

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