General Rules for Hand Tool Safety

For any homeowner, tools are one of the most important stuff. Only with good tools, you can keep your household in the best conditions. However, only the possession of good tools is not enough to make you a handyman. You need to know how to use properly these tools to prevent any injury that might occur.

And not only that.

– You should maintain a well-lit, ventilated and clean work area.
– When working, it is mandatory to wear safety gear.
– Use the right tool for every specific job.

Keep Your Work Area in Optimal Conditions

For a safety use of your hand tools, it is critical to keep your work area in the best conditions.

First, you should always keep clean where you work.

Therefore, do not leave metal span, wood chips, dust, dirty paper towels, oily cloths and rags in your working area.  It is a fire hazard and can damage your hand tools.

It is necessary to systematically, clean your workplace and to keep scrap and waste in specific containers.

A wet work surface floor can be a potential danger.

– They may become electrical conductors, which could lead to an electric soc.
– Also, wet working floor area may be slippery leading to fall hazards.

An important prevention measure is to keep your work area free of flammable liquids and materials that could be a serious fire hazard. Any spark produced by your hand tools could trigger a devastating fire.

NOTE: Make sure you know the fire extinguisher locations and the escape routes in case of emergency.

Your Personal Protective Equipment

Protection Equipment

Wearing protective equipment is vital when you are using your hand tools. In fact, it should be a mandatory rule for any of us.

You have to wear steel toe shoes, safety glasses, gloves, face and welding masks, hearing protection, hard hats, apron leather, etc. never do an exception from this rule.

Even if you need to use your hand tools, only for a few minutes, it is extremely important to wear protective gear.

However, keep in your mind that if you wear hearing protection equipment, you will not be able to hear your colleague or friend who helps you, screaming for help.

It is also extremely important do not wear jewelry when working with hand tools.

First, any bracelet or even ring can become a perfect electrical conductor and may lead to an electric soc. Also, hanging down jewelry or loose or larger clothing are quite dangerous when working with hand tools. They could tangle in your hand tools, which can lead to injuries.

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Use Correct Your Hand Tools

First of all, you need to know very well how to use correct your hand tools. Read carefully the manufacturer instruction regarding the proper use of these tools and the precautions that you should keep in mind.

Always use the right tool for the right job. Do not use small tools to do big jobs. It is unsafe, leading to a tool strain and ultimately to a breaking of the tool.

Always unplug your hand tool from the outlet before cleaning, grease it or changing blades or parts.

Do not use your hand tools when you are tired no matter how urgent it is to fix something.

Do not work in awkward or difficult position. You will not properly handle your tool.

Keep your hand tools in secure areas. Do not leave them unattended and at the reach of children. Keep them away from the table or shelves edges.

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