How to Decorate with Brazilian Cherry Floors

Hardwood flooring is a great choice for any home. It is beautiful, elegant, a perfect match for any décor. Hardwood flooring will increase the resale value of your home. One of the most particularly elegant hardwood flooring is Brazilian cherry wood flooring.

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Brazilian cherry wood flooring is imported from South America, and is made from Jatoba tree.

Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Teak (Cumaru), Brazilian Walnut (Ipe), Santos Mahogany, Brazilian Koa (Tigerwood), Bolivian Rosewood (Tiete), Amendoim, Guajara are only a few of quality solid exotic hardwood flooring imported from South America.

Brazilian cherry is among the most popular of hardwood floors because of its particular beauty, a warm reddish brown color and because of its incredible resistance to dents and scratches; it is twice as strong as oak wood flooring. It is a good choice for families with children and pets.

We can consider this kind of flooring eco-friendly flooring, when Jatoba tree is harvested sustainably.

Unfortunately there are some disadvantages that may occur using this type of flooring. Let’s name two of them.

1. Brazilian cherry wood can have a n unusual waxy build-up which occur when it is used a wrong cleaning product.

2. Excessive and directly sunlight can make Brazilian cherry wood flooring fade. You can prevent this using heavy curtains or covering the exposed flooring are with a rug.

3. Brazilian cherry wood flooring as any other kind of wood flooring absorb moisture, so it isn’t a good idea to use this flooring in kitchens or bathrooms.

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How you can improve the look of your home with Brazilian Cherry Wood


For a great aesthetic effect choose a pastel color (light blue, green or yellow) for the walls that will contrast with the reddish brown color of the Brazilian cherry. This contrast will emphasize the special beauty of the flooring.


You can have the same great aesthetic effect when choosing furniture. So, select light toned furniture which will highlight this elegant wood flooring. Choose warm cream, beige, mint green chairs and couches and sectionals and light colors wooden furniture.


You should find this wonderful reddish brown flooring color in the mirror or painting frames to complete the whole of your room. Add brown light fixture and a rug that matches the decor but in contrast with the Brazilian cherry wood floor.