Getting Ready for the Fall and the Winter

The summer season is almost gone, tree leaves change their color, sign you should prepare you home for upcoming cold season. Being prepared for the cold season doesn’t mean you are only ready to pay your heating and electricity bills. Your home can be filled with the spirit of the best time of the year, a warming and inviting place.

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Start bringing the fall colors inside of your home. You don’t have to do major renovations for this.

It’s enough if you change the color of some accessories to match with the yellow, orange, red, brown tones and shades of the outside autumn season.

You can bring these colors in your home. They are warm and will make your home a welcoming place.

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How can you do that?

Replace your window drapes with brownish red, orange or yellow heavy velvet drapes. Change the living room rug with the same brownish red color rug and don’t forget your sofa or sectional. If it has a neutral color you need only some nice orange or yellow throw pillows to change its look. For a warming effect you can add red blanket.

You can easily redecorate your bathrooms. Change the towels and shower curtain with red or orange towels and shower curtain and your bathrooms will look completely different. You will appreciate these warming colors after a cold rainy day.

From this idyllic atmosphere it can’t miss the pleasant smell of a hot soup or a turkey in the oven. However if you are not cooking think about create a winter atmosphere with some scented candles.

The days will be shorter and the evenings longer but you can spend enjoyable moments together with your family and friends in your warm welcoming home.

Autumn Leaves
Leaves in the autumn came tumbling down,
Scarlet and yellow, russet and brown,
Leaves in the garden were swept in a heap,
Trees were undressing, ready for sleep.