How to Stay Warm at Home without a Heater during the Cold Season

If you want to reduce heating costs and your carbon footprints let’s see some tricks which can keep you warm during the cold season.

1. Make sure all the windows are tightly closed. Open them only on warmer and sunny days. Install window storms and keep them closed on windy days.

2. Hang clear plastic shower curtains over the windows. They will allow the heat from the sun to get into your home and will keep the cold air outside.

3. Make sure all your doors are airtight. Buy and install weather stripping. A good idea is to install door sweep.

4. During cold season, use only the smaller rooms of the house. During the day, spend more time in the den than living room.

5. Keep closed all of unused rooms of the house. Closed doors do not allow air to circulate, reducing heat loss.

6. Hang thick curtains over the windows. Open them on sunny days and keep them closed on the windy days.

7. Cover the floor area with thick carpet or rug.

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8. Make sure you have a full rated R-value insulation in the basement and in the attic.

9. Physical exercise is good for your health, keeps you in a good shape and … keeps you warm.

10. Reduce lost of your body heat. Wear better wool or cotton cloths than synthetic cloths. Wear two or three cotton T-shirts. Do not let your head uncovered and do not forget to wear wool socks. In addition, wearing wool tights will reduce your body heat loss.

11. Excessive cooking will increase the level of humidity in your home. That will lead to an increased energy consumption for heating. Try to change your habits. Do not cook soups or stews which can raise the moisture level. Baking pies or cookies can dry the air and heat the house. On the other hand, humidity helps to hold the heat inside of the room. That is a good thing during cold season.

12. Avoid drinking carbonated and caffeinated beverages. Reduce consumption of alcohol. Drink only warm beverages. A hot tea is the best on a cold winter evening.

13. May seem unbelievable but a lighted candle can produce a lot of heat.

14. Be an active person. The physical activity is leading to body heating.

15. It is better to use a heating pad than to heat the whole house.

16. Make sure you eat enough fat during cold season. That will make you more cold tolerant.

17. If the air is too cold in your bedroom, build a tent over your bed. This will keep the warm air from your breathing inside.

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