Heat Pump Troubleshooting & Repair Tips

Heat pumps have an exceptionally role in maintaining the  ambient temperature and the comfort in your home.  In fact, there is no other practically way to control the temperature in your house.

Fortunately, these heating systems are long lasting and durable. The only complication takes place when your heat pump stops working.  However, don’t worry if your heating system is not operating properly. There are several things that you can do to fix the problem and your heat pump will work properly again. Of course, the best is to call a technician that will detect and fix any problem in a timely manner. On the other hand, any professional approach will cost you and often you have to deal only with a minor problem that you can fix easily yourself.

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First Check the Thermostat

If you are willing to deal yourself with the heat pump problem, first you should check the thermostat. It is in fact, the most common location of your all troubles. Start pulling the trigger of the thermostat until is in the maximum open position. In many cases, your heating system could be faulty but in other cases, the problem could be even the thermostat. Maybe, you have replaced the thermostat and the wires are incorrect connected or perhaps you have bought a wrong type of thermostat. You need to have the right model for your particular heating system.

Is Your Heat Pump Getting Power?

In some cases, the heat pump just simply is not receiving power. To discover if this is the problem, inspect the circuit breaker to ensure it is functional. You also should check your main electric panel and any other sort of sub-panels (it is possible that the main system is doesn’t have the heat pump on it). If all electrical panels are ok and no breakers and fuses flipped, you could likely have a short.

Other Significant Problems

Sometimes, your heating system requires just a resetting. If it still not working, make sure that all the electrical components of your heat pump are working correctly. If they are not working properly you should replace them. However, you have to call a professional, if it is a problem with the heat pump motor. That is a serious problem that can only a technician can fix it.  These kinds of replacements are indeed quite expensive, but they are necessary.

Heat pumps are reliably and they can work extremely efficiently. However, if you believe that your heat pump is not working correctly, then you should take all necessary steps to fix the problem that occurred, otherwise minor problem could lead to serious damage to your heating system.

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