House Tours – Small Family Homes with Simple, Affordable Interiors

Safe, practical, stylish, durable, and resistant no matter the size of the living space

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These are the five main requirements to furnish and decorate a small family home interior. These basic requirements are even more important for families with children.

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House Tours, #17 – Small Family Homes with Simple, Affordable Interiors (video)

The video is the 17th part of the amazing video series: “House Tours”

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A small family home interior opens the space to everyone

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No more dividing walls. A warm and comfortable home interior, no matter the size, it is not only about design. It is about creating a common space where the entire family, feel equally comfortable.

No more “children area” and “adult area”.

An optimal family home interior is open. The daily life opens the social rooms (living room, dining room, and kitchen) to everyone, kids, and adults. The open space concept, that brings together these three social rooms into a common larger space reigns supreme.

Small houses – a smart downsize option

Retirement can become a new beginning for you. It can become a challenge to achieve what you have dreamed of.

Small houses are fit not only for young families with an active lifestyle.

They are also fit for seniors. They can be a smart and interesting living solution. In other words, the downsizing, the rejection of a large house in favor of a small one-story house in a quiet area it looks ideal for retired persons.

It is not bad at all, to live the rest of your life into a beautiful small home located into a quiet cul-de-sac.

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About our new uploaded video

Here, you can find ones of the best brand-new design ideas for small home interiors.

Large and diverse design style selection from traditional and contemporary style to modern and Nordic style.

You can see the most convenient and affordable designs and solutions in a clever space configuration.

Just several examples from the video:

– small houses with panoramic windows.

– small house with courtyard

– small prefabricated concrete homes with beautiful interior

– small but beautiful homes in the middle of a magnificent landscape

– traditional and cozy home interiors

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