Concrete paving for your patio – Durable and Maintenance free

What are the advantages of concrete versus wood cladding?

You don’t have to consider routine upkeep like you would with wood paneling, in addition to the fact that it is rugged and fashionable. If you utilize straight concrete, a concrete patio or paving won’t need any maintenance. For concrete pavement, you should use frost- and waterproof concrete. Depending on the area of use and geometry, the concrete cladding can be reinforced using either fiber reinforcement or conventional reinforcement. Our customer service departments can offer helpful hints and counsel for your specific endeavor. The initial cost of installing a concrete cladding will be slightly higher than that of installing a wooden cladding, but maintenance expenditures are avoided, saving money over time.

Contrary to hardwood cladding, which eventually needs the decking replaced and is best treated annually with oil, etc., concrete cladding is practically indestructible. 

A concrete floor warms up in the summer sun and is comfortable to walk on in the heat, but it does not get extremely hot.  

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Finishing and sanding!

Many opt to leave the surface untreated to leave a rough imprint on the concrete, although grinding the concrete down to reveal the stone structure after casting also produces excellent results. The concrete can also be covered with tiles.

If you should be unfortunate enough to drop a glass of red wine, for example, stains may appear on the concrete surface. It is a good idea to saturate the surface after casting to make the concrete more stain resistant. This closes pores and increases resistance.

How do I proceed with the construction of concrete cladding?

You can rapidly cut the cost in half by doing the task yourself if you have a little knowledge and are prepared to put in the effort, but many people opt to hire help. 

The job will be simpler and less expensive if the area where the concrete is to be put is more accessible and flatter because you will save the materials needed for construction and be able to order a concrete truck with less range.

The first step is to dig roughly 40 cm (1.3 ft) below the surface where the cladding will be cast; for this, you will need to hire a mini digger.

Following the installation of insulation boards and crushed stone, you must plan to ensure that the surface is level. You can make your own round formwork by purchasing a wooden table with a height of 22–23 cm (0.72-0.75 ft).

Ordering a concrete truck

Because a concrete truck is large and heavy, the area where it will reach the pavement must be made for driving. You must specify how far it is until the concrete is filled from where the parking lots are. We assist you in locating a vehicle that is appropriate for the task. Read more about our selection of concrete trucks here. 

Concrete delivery

You must have two to three workers ready to pour the soft concrete when the concrete arrives. Shafts with planks attached to them can be used as tools. A full-width board can be draped over the top to complete the look.

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