How can you make a beautiful gallery wall?

A gallery wall shows up your personality

A gallery wall is surely the greatest way to decorate an empty wall.

A beautiful wall-art collection exudes represents your personality, as you can display a lot of things from prints, paintings to other sentimentally items or mementos that you hold special affection for and have thoughtfully collected.

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What is the secret to putting together an amazing gallery wall?

There are several ways to do this. Everything depends on the wall size and of course, the interior design style. A smart way to do this is to put together a well-chosen art and photographs selection, in a mismatched frame series.

However, in any case try to renounce to symmetry and perfection when hanging the pictures. In this way, it can give your display selection an extra edge. It is a good idea to map out the arrangement and the look before the final placement.

How can you do that?

Simple and easy. Lay the frames on the floor first.  Or even better, by cutting out cardboard pieces in the same sizes, and experimenting with the placement on the wall. Do not forget to use tape for this instead of nails.

Mix pictures with other items

Of course, it is not mandatory to use just pictures for your gallery wall.

You can achieve a personal and unique aesthetic effect combining pictures with other objects that can also be hung on the wall. More than that, a combination of materials and colors makes a gallery wall extremely beautiful.

If there are a certain color palette that you like to use in your home interior, for example on decorative objects or the other walls, then it is a clever idea to let this color palette go again on the gallery wall.

In this way you can create a common thread in the home décor and gives your gallery wall unity and a cohesive look.

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