How Much Costs a Kitchen Island

Let’s be honest. Regardless of the size of the kitchen, you always seem to need more work and storage space, not to mention the fact that everyone wants a nice kitchen, which can increase the overall value of his home.

A wise solution is Kitchen Island. Kitchen Island is a great way to enhance the look of your kitchen and to create extra storage and counter space.

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However, in order to create an island in your kitchen, a few conditions must be fulfilled. One of the most important conditions is the size of your kitchen.

A Kitchen Island is inappropriate in a small kitchen. You need more than 3 feet of area around the island, for an efficient and practical use. Plus, Kitchen Island would not look at all well in a small kitchen. But, if your kitchen is large enough, then a Island can greatly improve the space.

How Much Costs a Kitchen Island

Unfortunately, I do not think it can be a precise answer for this question or at least a simple answer.

You need to consider certain factors:

1. Kitchen Island Features

How you intend to use the Kitchen Island will have a great impact on the cost.

Maybe you need an extra sink. That means adding new plumbing.

Maybe you need extra workspace or a breakfast space. Any added means you have to pay more for your project.

2. Kitchen Island Size

The shape and size of the island will have also, a huge impact on the cost of your project.

A large area, granite countertop will be pretty expensive. If it has a custom shape will be even more expensive.

Usually, countertops are valued per square foot.

3. Cost of Materials

Cost of materials makes the total price vary greatly.

If you take in consideration only the composition of the countertop.  Imagine a granite, quartz, marble or other natural stone countertop. It has a wonderful look but is more expensive than laminate countertop.

Tiling the countertop is more affordable and could be a smart alternative.

However, countertop cost is not everything. The price of the cabinets can also vary. Take in consideration that the price of the cabinets is almost 40% of the total price.

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4. Cost of Appliances and Fixtures

It is natural that the price of appliances and fixtures to influence the total cost of your Kitchen Island. The appliances vary in price and of course, brand name appliances are most expensive than popular ones.

However for a great Kitchen Island you need maybe a cooking range, oven, wine rack, dishwasher, a double sink.

5. Kitchen Island Installation Cost

Kitchen Island installation is not just that kind of job that you can perform yourself. Therefore, you need to hire a skilled and licensed contractor to perform this job for you.

Get estimates and recommendations from two or three contractors before signing any agreement.

6. Unexpected Costs

You must stay within your budget. That is extremely important for everyone. Let me give you some advice.

Subtract 10% from the total price. Keep these percentages for unexpected costs such as material delivery delay, damaged materials and maybe, change of design.

7. Conclusion

You cannot take lightly a project like this. For successful result, you need a good planning. In fact you are dealing with kitchen remodeling, and a project like this can cost you somewhere between $2,000 and $20,000.

These large variations in price are due to factors that I stated above.