How Much Work is Involved to Fix the Wall after Removing the Wallpaper?

 If you want to save same money during your home renovation and improvement, removing the old wallpaper is one of the main jobs you should do.

Some time, it can be easy to do it, but other time you can spend a few days to finish the job. You should know you will need patience, and how much work is involved in this job depend on many factors.

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The Type of Wallpaper

The type of wallpaper you used in your home is going to play an important role in how difficult is going to be to remove it.

If the wallpaper was installed a few years ago, it should come off easily. If your wallpaper is older than a few years, you need to soak it first with water or stripping solution with water in order to dissolve the glue. Now, you need to scrape the wallpaper off by using wallboard knife. If the wallpaper was a vinyl, this type of wallpaper is waterproof and you need to send or peel the top of the layer before you will be able to soak and then scrape it.

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The Type of Wall

In an older home, same of the walls can be made of plaster. This situation is an easy situation, is going to be a very fast job to remove it compare with a drywall.

When you remove the wallpaper from a drywall, the drywall can be damage and easy to scratch after is soak with water. If this is your situation, you should do your job in small sections around 2 or 3 feet wide. Let the water 10-20 minutes to soak on each section to avoid the risk of over soaking .You should scrape the wallpaper gently to protect your drywall.

The Adhesive

After you peel your wallpaper, there is still a chance to have remained adhesive left on your wall. You need to remove this adhesive too because is going to interfere with your painting. You should wash it off with a solution from one part vinegar and one part water; is this is not working you should use an adhesive remover solution.

The Wall

After you remove the wallpaper and your walls are clean, you should let your wall to dry. For a drywall, you will need 3-5 days to dry. When your wall is dry, you will need to fix your scratches. You should fill the imperfections with compound and after that you will need to sand your wall.

To paint the wall you will need one or two coats of primer and after that, your wall is ready to be painted.