How to Design and Decorate a Two-Level Apartment

Designing, furnishing, and decorating a two-level apartment or double-height apartment involves inspiration and a great deal of work and creativity.

After all, this large modern space is truly a gift, and you are really lucky to have it. Today we want to share with you some smart tips, ways, and tricks on how to design, furnish, and decorate this type of living space. Read our article, check out these simple but clever designer guidelines and let your creativity and imagination do the rest.

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First: Divide imaginary the space

As in photography or another kind of art, dividing a larger space into three equal sections will ensure harmony and balance. So, try to imagine that your home interior has three “layout levels”, from top to bottom. You can paint the first one, trim the second with wood paneling, and leave the third level bare of raw concrete. This is just an example. The possibilities and options are endless. Furniture and the most of decorating accessories should also be placed within the lower, amin the third level. The main design idea is to create amazing focal points and soften the intimidating look and feeling of high ceilings.

The importance of lighting in double-height apartments

The reality is that in two-level apartments you don’t need to spend a lot of money on light fixtures. Why? Because obviously, the windows are large and huge and allow plenty of natural light to get inside. However, this does not mean that you don’t need artificial.

It is a good idea to mix the portholes with the LED strips. Floor standing lamps and modern table lamps are other great solutions for an amazing lighting. In my opinion it’s a great way to add style and elegance to the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Decorative accessories and paintings are essential.

When we decorate home interiors with high ceilings, paintings and in fact, any kind of artworks are essential not just optional. Why? Because they add style, life, class, and elegance to the overall decor. To reduce and soft down the overwhelming impression of large and height spaces, place the paintings and wall art at eye level.

Accent Walls

Color choices is always a one of the best ways to accent the apartment height and help bring style and elegance to the living space decor. Take just a single wall and paint it in a striking, vivid color. The wall will automatically connect the two levels of the apartment. The space will have a fresh look and a unique, characteristic personality.

What to do with the ceiling?

Like an accent wall of the two-level apartment, the ceiling can also be highlighted by the use of a well-chosen color, pattern, or texture. For example, raw concrete, or wooden panels, makes the two-level apartment feel smaller and shorter than it really is.

Allow me to give you some advice before ending.

Do not excessive use small elements in such a large living space. Small furniture pieces, small artworks of various and diverse pieces of decorative accessories can create a feeling of chaos, messy, and disorder. Use just large pieces.

With this said, I wish you enjoy furnishing and decorating your two-level apartment. Please leave your comments below and your advice based on your own decorating experience.

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