TWO SMALL APARTMENTS with Simple and Adorable Design

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You won’t be sorry! You will find here two beautiful design ideas for small apartments. The first one is a brand-new apartment with a simple but elegant interior design with a minimalist style look. Just a few furniture pieces – such a sofa, a coffee table, a rustic style dining table, and sturdy chairs. A tiny but functional kitchen complements the open space.

The small bedroom is also in minimalist style. Indeed, a small bedroom but big enough for a queen-size bed.

The whole interior is bright due to the cream color palette and the large windows that let plenty of light to get inside.

In other words, despite its reduced living space this apartment is comfortable, elegant, and functional.

This fabulous one-bedroom apartment design idea is a perfect example of how to furnish and decorate a small apartment without breaking your budget.

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INSIDE of TWO SMALL APARTMENTS with Simple and Adorable Design (video)

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Tiny Apartment | IKEA, Small Space Decorating | Interior Decorating | eps.3, Season 2 (video)

The second apartment.

Please watch the whole video. In the second part you will discover wonderful images of a small Scandinavian design style apartment.

Indeed, a cute Scandinavian style design.

Beautiful white and light gray color palette.

Modern small open plan concept – tiny kitchen, small dining and living room.

The tiny L-shaped kitchen has a white backsplash, white countertop, and light gray cabinets.

The small living room has a cozy look. Light gray sofa, rattan chair, simple wooden coffee table. Small closet with washer inside.

White walls and white hardwood floor.

Simple furnished and decorated; gray sofa, wooden coffee table and dining table, mid-century style chair in the living room and white upholstered chairs in the dining area; modern paintings on walls. Simple and beautiful decorative accessories such as plants, decorative pillows, candles, and black and white pictures.

A sliding panel room divider separates the living space from a tiny bedroom. Tiny but comfortable bedroom area.

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