The Cheapest Way to Soundproof a Bedroom Wall

Adding mass to a bedroom wall is a cheap way to soundproof that wall.

Soundproofing Barrier
Mass Loaded Vinyl

Another method would be to rebuild this wall with more dense materials, which would involve much higher costs. You need more time to demolish the old wall and build a new one, not to mention the mess.

However, it is much easier to add more thickness to the bedroom wall. It is a simply and efficient way to improve its soundproof quality and ability.


Adding a vinyl product is perhaps the most effective and cheapest method to soundproof a bedroom wall. Vinyl product is well known having incredible soundproof qualities. It is more effective than lead and only one layer of this vinyl product will dramatically reduce the vibration and sound transmission through the bedroom wall.

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Staple-gun; Screwdriver; Mass Loaded Vinyl; Furring Strips; Drywall screws.


1| Cut your vinyl product roll into many pieces that will cover the entire surface of your bedroom wall (drywall).

2| Using your staple-gun staple the mass loaded vinyl pieces on the old drywall surface. Make sure to overlap the edges of your vinyl product pieces.

3| Next step is to screw wood-furring strips into the covered drywall. These wood-furring strips will be mounted horizontally, parallel to floor. This means that they are screwed perpendicular on your bedroom wall studs.

Cover the entire wall surface with these strips keeping a distance of 16-inches between them. Wood-furring strips will ensure a space between the old and new drywall, providing more noise protection.

4| Install the new drywall layer over the wood-furring strips. Use drywall screws to install the new drywall.

5| Prepare the new drywall surface. Apply drywall mud to joints, sand and prime this new wall.

6| Paint your new wall in your desired color.