How to Create a Vintage Bedroom

Vintage bedroom is suitable for dreamy and bohemian persons who love simplicity, elegance and good taste. To create a vintage bedroom you need to invest in furniture and accessories specific to this style. Let’s the steps you should take to decorate a bedroom vintage.

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First, it is essential to invest in a number of accessories consisting of diaphanous materials, delicate but resistant at the same time. Also, very light colors are the key to a bedroom decorated in vintage style.


Instead of paintings or other items to put on the room walls you can use vintage jewels that you can hang on a few nice hooks. Depending on how the furniture is arranged in your room determine which is most suitable wall for these arrangements. It is preferable to choose an empty wall above the desk or dressing table. Purchase a set of pearl beads in different layers, sizes and colors (white, cream, beige, etc.).

Picture frames, jewelry boxes and perfume bottles will form a great decoration for a table, which is mounted on the same wall. On the other hand, another accessory that can give a personal touch is vintage dummy for clothes. This is recommended only if you have a spacious, bright room and if you want to accessorize it with beads, hats and other similar items.


The bed is the focal point of the room, so for a specific vintage bedroom you need a stately bed with a high, molded and rounded headboard. Use white linen, satin, and over this a very textured ivory blanket. This blanket will give a vintage look to the room.

You’ll need a table with shelves where you can place some objects such as bracelets, belts, store gift boxes and even a vintage shoe. A vintage furniture is carved and rounded. Wardrobe must be in the same style bed and table design.


It is best to have the whole room in very light colours (white, pearl white, etc).  Also the carpet in should have the same pastel colours. Carpets or rugs are recommended in two colors with floral prints. Avoid stripes or modern prints that only create a mix of styles and will destroy your plans.

NOTE:  Many specific accessories can be purchased at the antique or second hand stores.

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