Mediterranean Style – Glamour and Elegance

The Mediterranean style is popular because it offers diverse and creative options for those who opt for such a style. You can choose as inspiration one of the following countries: Greece, Italy, southern France, Spain and / or Morocco.

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Mediterranean architecture has unique features and each of the countries listed above has actually a variation of the characteristic elements. However, you can combine some of these elements to create a dramatic and romantic ambiance.

Exterior Walls

Arched entrances of the exterior walls are useful both in aesthetic and functional point of view, providing shade in the hot summer months. These arches sweeten the entrance through a curved line that draws the eye to the front door. With a pair of columns, the effect is impressive.

Typical Moroccan entrances have a sharp arch while the Tuscan entrances are just simple arched.

Decide on a style and use it in your home design. You can repeat this arch in terms of furniture and mirrors.

Courtyard & Fountains

The Courtyard is a romantic element of Mediterranean style, often used as entrance. Why? Because often you cannot tell if there’s a yard than the time in which you go through what you think is the main door of the house. In fact, this surprise is a integral part of Mediterranean style. Many of Mediterranean style homes have a courtyard in the center of the house thus creating an inside sanctuary.

You also can create a Mediterranean style courtyard by building a terrace decorated with tiles and bordered with curbs.

Do not forget the fountain. Its size will be determined by the size of the courtyard. Choose exotic tropical flowers.

By building a courtyard, privacy will be ensured even in modern areas where land is scarce.

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As finishing stucco wall is characteristic the Mediterranean style. The stucco and stone walls are found not only on the outside but can also be used indoors. You can also combine successfully stucco walls with the stone ones.


Italian and Spanish stucco use warm shades of yellow, gold and bronze. Stucco used in Greek houses is usually white with blue around the windows. In fact, the use of shades of blue is the remnant of an ancient superstition.

People used to believe by staining with blue doors and windows will be able to keep vampires away from their homes.

As for the other colors, you can choose a bold shade of red or burgundy or brown color of the walls.


When you choose how to decorate your home in Mediterranean style, you have many possibilities. Mediterranean furniture is usually substantial in terms of size.

The seats are made of leather and oversized with wood finishes.

You can opt for a traditional Italian dark furniture, decorative hand carved, a Spanish style furniture or you can choose a more decorative style of Morocco, with applications in mosaic.

In fact, you’re not limited to using only one style of a country. You can combine several variants to create an interesting and rich decor. You can also use light shades to maintain the elegant ambience. Gold, for example.


One of the basic elements of the Mediterranean style is the use of tiles. You can choose from traditional to modern tiles. Terracotta, blue, yellow and shades of bright red, but you can also choose the marble for a luxurious interior.

Materials & Accessories

In terms of materials used, colorful textures with different patterns help to maintain comfort in a Mediterranean décor. Velvet and leather with dark wood accents are fully used to the manufacturing of furniture.

Here are some of the accents that you can use iron, marble statues, especially in the garden, metal pegs with different motifs, fireplace, large dining tables, rugs, candles, rosemary and other herbs in the garden, columns and arches outside and inside pillows.

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